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My goal in life is to live a life worth living, which seems simple to some, but understanding your passions and dreams, then clenching them and making them a reality is where most people fail.

Constantly being told to make a choice between one or the other.

I am currently working in Film/Music/Animation/Design as the CEO of a private company, and spent alot of time now doing concept art for the movies/animation currently in production.

Been watching anime since my childhood days (early 90s)

Hehe who remembers The Moomins...scary.

Ive studied a few fighting styles ranging from Japanese Kendo/Kyuudo through to the Chinese Nanquan, then a few years ago I started up on traditional archery using both recurve and compound bows.

The next forms on my list are Fencing, Muay Tha Sao, Okinawan Kobudo,Kenjutsu,and Krabi Krabong.

I am also a musician and I play numerous instruments, lets just leave it there ^^.

Erm I speak a few languages and play a few sports (vague is it not).

Dislike mediocrity so I dont just go watching different anime for the sake of it, that being said I do my best to keep an open mind and atleast read the synopsis before chucking it.

Well thats about it, Ill have to start on making some recs and actually getting a top 5 anime up and running.


Would love for a Genre Specific Toplist seeing as you cant really compare an apple to a car ^^ hint hint


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kenshina Jul 18, 2008
I've been watching Nodame Cantabile for some time now. Concert is really nice. You should watch this concert of howl moving castle (although you might already know the music): =p See u then.
kenshina Jul 5, 2008

The Girl who Leapt through Time << I finished watching.

p_q Such a beautful story.  I added right away on my top 5.

However, the ending still bothers me.  When will she meet him again?! I mean Chiaki!  When is that future??  Ah~~ Man, I wish to see them together!!  =D now I will go watch 5 centimeters(Which was on the recommendation after The Girl who Leapt through time in Ap).

Thank you so very much.  I will never regret watching it.  I will probably buy it if I find it being on sell.

kenshina Jul 5, 2008


3 movies now in pre-production?!  Cool, what are they?  The title.  I wanna see your works!

Thanks for the recommendation.  I saw all or almost all of hayao Miyazaki's movie so I already seen Howl's Moving castle and Laputa.  I will go watch the Girl who Leapt through Time.

Ok,  see you again once you'll be done.  After the long periods of silence .

And Thank you for taking your time to reply.

kenshina Jul 3, 2008

ya hello there!  It's been a time~ 

I am still watching anime.  Trying to find some good animes =q.  I finished watching RomeoXJuliet (now on my top 5).  It's hard to decide what is best though..  But I guess, what makes a anime good is what the anime wants to tell us: what to cherish.

I am also watching the Eureka7 and Code Geass.  But I don't seem to get along well with any of them.  Hmm.  They are all just action...  to me.  =q Maybe I will find it better later on. 

Do you know any movies I can watch that is pretty okay?  ( animation movie like of Hayao Miyazaki's ) Millenium actress or tokyo godfather was not that bad either.  But No Cat Soup style!  o_O I so disliked it.  popular anime movies aren't bad too.. but I guess I am tired of watching same character and similar story over and over??  I like one full movie with an ending.  I say too much.  Any movies will okay for now.  Any recommendations?? 

P.s:  I am asking you because I like what you watch and your rating.  Oh, I am going to try to watch your favorite anime.  Well once I'll be ready for it =p


kenshina Jun 22, 2008


^_^ Yes, you are right.  We should all find our purpose for living (have a dream, passion).  That is the first step.  Then, maybe they will see that life isn't so bad living, and almost thankful.

thanks for replying, it's good to know what you think.

By the way, you have the record for the longest comment, kahaha XD, but I truly enjoyed.

Matane (means see you???).  cha cha~