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I'm Cozza, and who may you be?

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wanerness Dec 3, 2009

Guess what im watching...... 07 Ghost it happened to be available as downloads on the Bleach site i was on but it was taking too long so i had a look on my Anime video site n its on there as well at 1st i wasn't sure id like it but its really growin on me nw (im only on ep 2 tho lol) i think i can recognise sum o the voices they must be from Bleach or Naruto, i did that with rin tou (or however u spell it the bounto creator lady) i was listenin n im thinking thts Tsunades voice n it turns out it was but strangley although she voiced the bounto lady at the start of the arc (cnt remember her name but it began with a y n her doll was called Getti or summat like tht) i never noticed it with her

wanerness Dec 1, 2009

Hey how u doin? ive finally sorted my profile out i think its took me a while but im done. theres tons of anime on here im really guna have to check it out i like the look of this King Of Bandit Jing have you seen it?

Ptolemeos Nov 26, 2009

Thanks! Although Re-l is great (not especially for her personality but more for her looks ;)), I don't think I can say that about the anime as a whole. I was quite frankly dissapointed...

Anyway, is your avatar from 07-Ghost?

Ptolemeos Nov 3, 2009

Hey! Welcome to A-P! :)

Nice avatar...

slowlyforgotten Oct 31, 2009

Hey Cozza!

How are you?