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wanerness Jan 6, 2010

Just finished 07 Ghost and im well looking 4ward to the next series that should be really good as much as i still dnt really gt it at times im sure it'l make more sense, i like how Mikage comes bk as a ghost throughout to help Teito tht makes you feel better about him dyin. i guess you can tell i hate it when they kill of a character your attached to like Gaara (though he came bk 2 life but thn u were sad tht granny had 2 die) Euphemia (tht was the worst i was so hoping she'd live n she only died cuz he lost control of Geass and she was such a nice person, it seems 2 easy for him 2 kil his family) and of course Mikage though he has a new friend tht u like nw though Mikage cnt b replaced.

My Next anime im going on2 now is S-Cry-Ed duno what it'l be like i should really be doing my uni wrk instaed of anime but its jsut so good lol (i'll hav a solid day of uni wrk 2moz n gt as much dun as pos thn il have more time 4 sum anime lol)

wanerness Jan 6, 2010

Just watched Code Geass I never realised there was another series of it I really must get it, I think Lelouch has finally gone loopy and it was so sad about Euphemia she was an amazing character if he hadn't bodged up that Geass it could have all been alright poor Euphemia she was such a kind character and just wanted to make it so her brother and sister could live happily, its so infuriating actually cuz you know Lelouche is in the wrong and also Britania is in the wrong so your torn as to who you want to win, hw r u btw? good xmas and new year its weird to think its summer where you are while here weve had loads of snow

wanerness Dec 6, 2009

Awww thts crap theyve killed him off n they were best friends (or more) im really annoyed bout tht i hope they can bring him bk 2 life at least Teito's finally got rid of those shackles they were startin 2 pee me off but now he's got a collar instead, i think im officially hooked :D

wanerness Dec 6, 2009

So far ive matched up the voices of Toshiro from Bleach and Erik from Full Metal i had though at times tht Teito had the same voice but apparently im wrong on that i never realised before but the voice actor for Toshiro and Erik is actually a woman lol, im annoyed lol tho cuz i cant watch 07 Ghost ep 8 cuz i cnt gt the video to load up plus its got those annoying coloured subtitles which i struggle to make out (ive not had trouble reading subtitles for years lol) o im also guna get Code Geass which you recomended plus its also recomended if u like 07 Ghost so i doubly need 2 check it out :)

wanerness Dec 5, 2009

Loving 07 Ghost im 7 eps in now, i gt the impression that Mikage and Teito are a little more than best friends though im still thinking that Ayanami's dun summat 2 Mikage n hes guna betray Teito or summat, i cnt w8 2 see more eps :D