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Now I know it is very cliche that a Naruto fan is doing a review on something Naruto-based, but I believe my opinion is strong on this movie. Of course, you could easily see other reviews from Naruto haters or people who think Naruto is OK, but I think you could take this review honestly even if I am a Naruto fan, and this is my honest opinion.

The Story for the Naruto Shippuden movie seems sort of like a Naruto filler, oh wait, it sort of is since all the movies have nothing to do with the series. But yes, it is basically a filler, so they are not going to make it crazy interesting and make you so hooked that you can't stop eye-bawling it, but they definitely tried to make the story at least interesting so you are able to watch it. And it definitely caught my eye, I mean, everyone who has seen Naruto before has thought to themselves, "Hmmm, what if Naruto died?" Well, basically the people who are in charge of the Naruto anime thought this to themselves as well, and they put it into the first Shippuden movie. The story is basically Naruto, Sakura, Neji, and Lee are going to protect a priestess who can seal the soul of the world-corrupting Moryo while Moryo has risen and is back to take over the world again. It definitely has an interesting plot to it, and I believe it a lot of people agree with me, but it wasn't portrayed so greatly. Not to where it comes close to the manga as of right now, but the writers certainly tried, and I do acknowledge them, but they should've used some better techniques, because a lot of it seemed cliche. They have to protect a princess or the world will end. It has been used plenty before in the Naruto series. But don't get me wrong it definitely is a smart idea.

The art was simply beautiful, and is WAY better than the series is animated. Yes though, it wasn't perfect because some of the things weren't so outstanding, like the CGI knights and the fire they use, but the movie was animated brilliantly, especially some of the fight scenes. The OST was good, but it never convinced me I would really want to download it and listen to it sometime, but what did was the ending theme by DJ Ozma, truly surprised by the fact they would choose a song with such J-pop sound, but it fit well surprisingly.

I think the acting was very well done by each character, but Naruto seemed more impulsive than he usually is. I think really Naruto took out a lot of the enjoyment for me, because he was just SO ANNOYING during the first 25 minutes of the movie, but it got much better after that, and the fights were great. All I could think of was "HELL YEAH!" when Neji pulled out the 64-palm technique and when Drunken Lee made an appearance. I just wish they would put more of the good fighting scenes from the movies and the fillers and put it in the real plot. The Naruto Shippuden movie had it's pros and cons, but if you enjoy Naruto you will probably agree with me that it was well done. If you don't like Naruto, just stay away.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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