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Ichigo 100%

Jul 15, 2010

When my friend and I were talking about animes, he brought up this one, Ichigo 100%, and said he really enjoyed it and said i should watch it. i took his request and watched this 12 episode show, and boy do i disagree with him.

Story: The story's the same story you'd find in your average-day harem. A boy named Manaka goes to a Junior High School. He goes to the rooftop, and a girls somehow appears in front of him, with strawberry panties in his face. PREDICTABLE. He has no idea who this girl is. PREDICTABLE. In his class, he meets the smartest girl in school, Aya Toujou, and gets to know more about her. PREDICTABLE. It so turns out that Aya was the girl with the strawberry panties. PREDICTABLE. One of his friends, really liked this girl named Tsukasa Nishino. Tsukasa hears this, and says that she would never go out with the friend. The friend is really upset, and seeing how Manaka has never felt this way, he challenges Manaka to ask out Tsukasa. PREDICTABLE. He asks her out in a very unusual way. But even so, Tsukasa says yes. PREDICTABLE. Okday, I've pretty much explained the first two episodes, but later, Manaka, Aya, Tsukasa, Manaka's friends, and the rest go to high school. Manaka meets Satsuki Kataiouji, who becomes bigger later in the story, and childhood friend, Yui Minamito, who lives wiht Manaka for awhile. The sotry is very PREDICTABLE and it just seems like an average harem.

Art: The art is mediocre at best. This was made in 2005, but even so, other shows, like Naruto was out then, and had great art style. The art is Ichigo 100% is plain and not amusing. Everyone looks bland and the same. The only difference that i find in the characters is the haircolors.

Sound: Now the opening and ending themes are really good. The opening theme is a great song that makes you move your head around and can always put a smile on your face. The ending theme is also a fun one that makes you want to dance around. But even so, the voice actors were not strong. The only voice actor I found good was Satsuki's because she is very spunky and her voice actor does a good job of having a spunky voice. And the score wasn't strong. It has the same sexual music in the parts when characters "accidently" get their panties shown, and all the rest in just little piano music that you would find in every other harem.

Characters: None of the characters were memorable at all. Tsukasa was boirng to me, even though she does have fanbase. Satsuki's annoying, Aya's an OK character, but she needs some more story to her, Manaka's a retard just like every other main boy in harems, and Yui's just weird. None of them stood out.

OVerall, Ichigo 100% was a waste of my time. If you're into ecchi or harems, I highly recommend it for you. I'm not into harems that much, and that's probably why I didn't like it. And when you're watching Ichigo 100%, there will also be a few mindfucks in it to mess with you. I hated that as well. Ichigo 100% to me was crap. 4/10

6/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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