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Fruits Basket

15 JUL

My Fruits Basket review (I watched Fruits Basket dubbed, not subbed)

Story: The story is brilliant. It's pretty much about a yong girl named Tohru, who lives in the woods in a tent after her mother's death. One day while walking to school, she finds a house and she decides to check it out. Apparently, a boy, Yuki Sohma, is known by Tohru, and walks to school with her and back. Yuki and his other family member that lives with him, Shigure, walk through the woods and find Tohru by the tent. She tells them that she's been living by herself in the tnt because of her mother's death, and Shigure and yuki take Tohru into their house t live with them for awhile. The next morning, another family member, Kyo, go's into their home going to challenge Yuki to a duel, when Tohru accidently hugs him, Kyo turns into a cat. Yuki and Shigure go to Tohru, but she hugs them, too. Yuki turns into a mouse and Shigure urns into a dog. 13 poeple in their famil apparently are part of the Chinese Zodiac. Okay, Im taking too long. The story is very well done.

Art: The art is very colorful, and very beautiful as well. The way how they make the eyes are very beautiful. If yo look at pictures of Fruits Basket, you can tell what I'm trying to say.

Sound: The sound is very good. They try to make the voice overs sound as good as loud as the background. It's close, but not quite. And Laura Bailey as Tohru is great!

Character: I liked all the characters in Fruits Basket with the exception of Akito. Tohru is a delight and will always put a smile on your face. Same with Yuki. Kyo and Shigure might not put smiles on your face, but they are great characters nonetheless. I don't like Akito because he's bossy and mean. That's why I put characters at a nine.

Enjoyment: From watching all the Fruits Basket episodes, I've never seen a Fruits Basket episode that I haven't liked. The dub by Funimation was great. One of their best dubs. I'm a fan of comedy and slice-of-life shows, so that's a big reason I liked this show.

Overall Fruits Basket is one of my favorite anime series and one of my favorite animes all together. I hope i didn't bore anyone with this review.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 10/10
  • Animation 9/10
  • Sound 8/10
  • Characters 9/10
  • Overall 10/10


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