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Ok this will be my first review of a anime on here.  I do not know if anyone will ready this but this is my opinion.  First I would like to say I love beetrain works but this one was just way way off.  This anime had the same feel of Madlax to the letter.  However this anime had no emotion to I mean it did but it didnt.  What I mean is that they tried to pass the emotion on to the viewer but it never gets there.  The story was lacking a point, the characters were also lacking in just basic emotions.  To be honest when I watched I had no emotion towards this anime.  It was sad nor happy and to be honest it could have used some more work.  It was worth the watch however and it was something to say that I watched but in the end all it did was confuse the hell out of me.  The ending as well I mean what the hell.  That is why it was lacking also clarity I was not confused about the story or the plot but it had no sense in the ending.  Oh well in any case watch don't watch it this is just one anime that was a good watch and at the same time bad.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
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MOJ Aug 24, 2011

I think i will have to respectfully disagree. You talk about this anime not having emotions of any kind, but you forget that it is a show about assassins. Frankly, i was getting really tired of all the "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry" nonsense infecting action anime these days. The emotions fit perfectly with the whole theme. After watching hours of Gundam and other fighting anime where protagonists need 7 episodes just to "justify killing" or come to terms with their "moral limits", i felt this anime was a refreshing treat, free from many many cliches that i hate.

Don't watch this series for the emotions, it has none to speak of, which is a wonderful change from mainstream anime. But watch it for its depth, character development and complexity.

Joentjuh May 4, 2011

Agree with the overall sentiment, the series was lacking in many aspects... Though I don't believe it was really worth the watch, and certainly not the high rating it has.

For one thing, the only real 'phantom' assassin in this show would be the one in the last minute or so of the final episode... You know, the one that killed stealthly, successfully, is unknown and got away unnoticed.

The story makes some odd and silly jumps and pretty much every character is seriously disturbed. I'm not saying it was without emotion, sure there was some and some even made sence (as in believable or expected)... Most of the time it just felt as a broken record, constantly the same whining and all just more of the same.

In my opinion, this series could easily be contained in +/- 13 episodes and would probably have made more sence then. (less stalling for a very anti-climatic and stupid ending).

thereviewer58 Apr 17, 2011

i must say this but dont take it wrong you really dont get anime if you say this has no emotion i bet you didnt even watch all of it

SoDericious Feb 27, 2011

I agree the characters were at times emotionless...but if assassins had emotions they wouldn't be good at their job.