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March 23, 2014

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thereviewer58 avatar thereviewer58


May 11, 2011

things are going ok too some pesonal stuff going on right now mostly exams that i'm having trouble with

thereviewer58 avatar thereviewer58


Apr 28, 2011

ohhh thats your skype!! i thought it was your main Anime-planet

thereviewer58 avatar thereviewer58


Apr 27, 2011

sorry but what do you mean by apcoolfire? can you give me the link to it?

thereviewer58 avatar thereviewer58


Apr 26, 2011

guess you didnt want ot anwser my questions? Thats fine

thereviewer58 avatar thereviewer58

You Rock!

Apr 25, 2011

ok  well about me??? I'm someone who watches anime way to much. Just like you i also am learning japanese. Maby we can help eachother out?? mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh. As you can tell i am a horable speller. I love to watch action or comidy or horror anime but i think if no romance is in it i dont like it(most of the time) I also like to watch horror stuff right when its turning dark but i will still watch it some other times too. I also like Echii(pervert in japanese) anime. I also play minecraft and Xbox. If i offend you with any of my next questions please fell free to not answer.

1. are you a girl or boy.

2. age(real please)

3.Ask me any questions you have

4.have a skype or ovoo so we can chat?

5.Top 5 favorite animes

6.have a minecraft?

ask me any questions too and sorry if i bothered or offended you

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