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Rightio, where to begin.

Name's Connor; you probably got that from the username. I was a bit late to the anime scene, and looking back I'm kinda glad I am. I wouldn't have passed a single exam if I'd discovered it earlier.

It's all thanks to Area 11, the wonderful men honoured in my signature. That band introduced me to Code Geass, which led me on to Death Note, TTGL and Elfen Lied, and in turn have inspired me to pick up Japanese! すごい! I cannot thank them enough for the introduction to this amazing genre and community that comes with being an anime fan, and the new friends I've made because of it.

The power of music, people!

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ToastyGrim says...

Happy birthday! You and I are a day apart, and I find that pretty cool. xD

Apr 10, 2013