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I watch anime already for 6 years. (not that long, Neh~?)Well, i always wacthed Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne on tv (on pokito) i did'n realize that i was watching anime XD later on jetix b-daman, beyblade, yu-gi-oh. After that, my brother bought a game, called 'tales of symhponia'yeah, i was absolute my favorite game! (i was than still young, like 9)and on the backside of the game was standing 'adopted from the anime" or somthing like that.well, i did'n know what anime was... so i did'n intrest myzelf in it.a few year later, i was just on the internet.. and found out manga (only the collored pictures) i liked them verry much. (i still did'n know what anime and manga was. only the pictures)later i found out youtube.i just searched somthing, and than i found out anime!but i only found out AMV's (anime music video)than i found out that there where series from.i wanted to watch it, but i did'n know it was called 'episode' Mwaha...

and then i found out is was called "episode".and after that i was watching anime and reading manga!and i found it all out by myself! Mwahaha ^.^

I really Can't stand little girls and girls who always cry xP

i easly cry if there are touching moments in anime..and really at the END of the anime, if the main character dies, or a other character. T,Tit's just how i am T,T

There Died so Much of my favoriete characters, or a main character in the anime's... T.T

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Dromenkomenuit Jul 18, 2016

Thanks voor de reactie !

Heb je een berichtje terug gestuurd want we kunnen wel wat regelen denk ik :P

Welke "bloederige" Anime ben je zelf fan van ? Ik ken vooral veel pokemon en verder niet echt heel bekend met anime haha.

Wel heel vaak van die RPG verhalen gespeeld, dus zelf een beetje bedenken en verzinnen hoe en wat, dat is wel altijd super gezellig !

En ja, nieuw op deze site... kwam hem tegen dus dacht; Leuk ! Maak even een accountje aan :P

Groetjes Martin

Dromenkomenuit Jul 15, 2016

Hey Colet !

Ik kom ook uit Holland haha en ben gek op Anime, vooral POKEMON !!

Als je dat als Anime kan zien haha !

Nu kwam ik je tegen op hetpaardenspel en je hebt daar een manege.

Zou ik die misschien van je mogen overnemen, je zou me er zo erg mee helpen!

PS... LOVE THANATOS !! <3 <#

Anathemus Sep 30, 2010

Lost Canvas is amazing! :) you should also read the manga, as the anime will take too long to be out

HikaruTenshi Sep 25, 2009

You are very welcome. ^_^

Coolies, I am very  glad that you really like 07-Ghost and D. Gray Man. ^_^