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Anime sound effects rant...


Stupid fucking sound effects in anime that warrant me to swear and write poorly. Please, if you have explanations, offer them. I tried to tag some anime offenders but I can't remember too well...

1) The rattling katana - why is it that every time an anime character picks up a katana the sword makes a rattling sound? Last time I checked katanas do not have moving parts and if they did you should be very fucking worried. I have ornamental katanas at my disposal and these are very quiet. What purpose does this sound effect have? Sometimes it is used when a character grabs the sword while still sheathed, which ok maybe it's knocking against something... but when two characters square off against each other and take up their respective stances the fucking swords rattle. Some of these moments could be quite tense if it weren't for this horrendously distracting noise. I have noticed that only Japanese swords are given this sound which makes me think it could possibly be based on some semblance of reality.

2) Leather fists - Did you know that anime characters are made of leather? No, me neither. But they are. When characters clench their fists why does it sound like a fat person attempting to do squats in leather pants two sizes too small? When I clench my fists I am lucky enough to hear myself cry out in pain as my nails dig in to my palms. Why do clenched fists have to have a sound effect? If the seiyuu and animators are not doing a good enough job at letting us know the character is pissed off then fucking fire them. I have a feeling this could have something to do with the necessity for manly men in anime to exude aggressiveness and raw beast power in unnatural ways... on the same line as drawing in neck muscles which anatomically do not fucking exist in a human body. Maybe what I don't realise is that all anime characters wear nude leather gloves in which case I apologise since this would make perfect sense.

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JAhU avatar JAhU
Feb 7, 2012

I can't name any anime with that particular sound effect right now, but there is this "fire" (or setting ablaze) sfx which appears in every other anime, every other hollywood movie and movies from other countries too.

Have you noticed that one as well?

Found one example on youtube (skip to 0:44):


jtir123 avatar jtir123
Dec 6, 2010

Amusing! You've brought such insignicant things to my attention, and now I'll remember them forever more... xD

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