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Anime anime anime, the thing that changed my life. Probably the best thing that happened to me, ehehe, anime is like another world, amazing and soooo coool! :> aaahh, You japanese people, i <3 u. ahahha


  1. I have a little obsession about most things Japanese,
  2. I tend to think and zone out quite alot...especially in maths class..-__-'
  3. I laugh alot, am bubbly and mostly, happy.
  4. Some Hobbies of mine: are stayn up late and waking early, then having 2/3 coffees ain the morning, watching approx 50 eppisodes of anime in a day, sleeping, reading, drawing, etc.
  5. I like funny people. If can make me laugh, i like u :3 hehee.
  6. i can be lazy about things, but when im motivated and want to, i am a bit of a perfectionist and am meticulous.
  7. Im sometimes easygoing and i like to make people comfortable nyahah :)
  8. Yes. I am crazy.


Aahahaha, i have opions and thoughts, and sometimes, I CANT CONTAIN ITT!!, so im gonna go write reviews and blogs. Havnt typed up much...coz recently, me shoo busy! ahahaha but since i say my thoughts, its only fair if everyone else can and besides, i like reading everyones opinion. So if u dont aagree with me, dats okaay!~~ :D HEHEEE


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