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TO EVERONE (because everyone cares) :)

I loooooooooove anime. I started with Naruto and dragon ball. After a few years, a friend reccommened One Piece. And few months after that, he reccommended Yu Yu Haku Show. Then, he told me to start other anime. I started with The sacred Blacksmith. Then, I started Claymore. The list goes on and on until today. I love action/adventure anime. I also love horrer anime. Shiki is one of the ones I love. I hate non-continuous anime (Not including Jigoku Shoujo. I loved that one). As you may have noticed, I gave Vampire Night a low rating and dropped it. There was no action and it felt a lot like Twilight. I hate twilight .\/.  . I will always love anime and I hope you will too.



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snivets says...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my review of Blast of Tempest! I'm always glad to hear from anyone, even if they disagree. :) I would love to see you write your own review for it, so that others have the chance to read various viewpoints on the site. Cheers!

May 10, 2013