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Hi everyone! The only hting I can really say about myself is a love anime. I don't really have a favorite or least favorite genre of anime anymore. I find myself swiching genres constanly, I'll be waching romance anime for five shows and then swich to sports for three. Most importantly though, is I go through animes like a kid ransacks a free candy store, I eat up episodes, so I am ALWAYS looking for reconmendations. Please check out my watched or waching list and suggest some good anime. My staring is kind of random but if it got over a four  i love it and if it got under a two I almost dropped it or did drop it (this doesn't apply to unrated anime though.) I'll check out all recommendations and try to recommend some good titles back. Let's help each other enjoy anime even more!

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default avatar faythe0107


Jun 13, 2014

Hi there, thanks for the recommendation, i'll watch though i've been avoiding things that are too long 'cause they take up time. Have you seen any good short ones, at about 25 eps? I love anything that's related to comedy and action. :)

Poisonlove avatar Poisonlove


Jan 17, 2014

Its really good.

KiwiTaku avatar KiwiTaku

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 16, 2014

Oh why hello there CAF, nice to meet you. No I haven't seen HXH. But you HAVE got me interested. Thanks for the suggestion, Nine Tailed Fox- I mean CloseAnimeFan XD

Poisonlove avatar Poisonlove


Jan 16, 2014

Did you ever watch Another? It is very good , i mean if you like horror , lol its kinda bloody.But it wont scar you for life XD

LethalArm avatar LethalArm


Jan 16, 2014

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