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Earl and Fairy --> watched


Finished it in 2 days after being stalled since god don't know when. I find it very very very shoujo-ish it all the cheesy line and the way it animated, camera angle and such. The only good thing about it only to hear the earcandy Midorikawa Hikaru.

Don't like the story, don't like the characters and everything is so so (i even suspecting the author is some preteen or something. It more like a teenlit compare to light novel), i don't even know why i even bother to finish it. Just because i want to clear my stalled anime. I guess as long as i still can take it, i will treat it as killing time and relaxation time, therapy time... you name it.

I thought i will hate Lydia, but it turn out she is not as annoying like some other heroine in other anime. You know the goody two shoes kind of heroine, so i am cool with her. Edgar on the other hand, is not as interesting as i think. But they make a cute couple.. hopefully.

So that's it for today... tomorrow we are going to NEX shopping mall to open a saving account for Danium, most probably mighty saver saving account, and i don't even remember if OCBC have a branch at NEX lol. If don't have then we just going to open with Standard Chartered. And after that thinking to watch Dantalian no Shoka yay... i have been meaning to watch it. Recently i find 12 episode (half season series) more appealing, maybe because the short time commitment to watch it, and also is not so pain to watch it if the show is mediocre, because it is short lol. Thinking about mediocre i will need to finish To Aru Majutsu no Index.

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