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23 SEP

It has been more than 2 weeks since I last made an update review post. Since then I have been watching lots of lots of anime I think. And I may forget the specific details of this anime, but I remember watching it in 1 day (technically from 1am-5am and continue from 9am onwards till nite) This is one of view of anime that I generally love to make me watch it continuesly without a break. Other include Zeta Gundam(2days), and Seed(1,5 days) last time, Chrome Shelled Regios(2days) and Ergo Proxy(2days).

Well anyway. to start it.. It is very underrrated anime. In fact I never know about Blassreiter like…. 3 weeks ago when I search other anime on google and Blassreiter image came up in the right screen panels (related stuff I think) And my jaw almost dropped to see the cool image of the Demoniacs, curious I went to ANN to check the summary and nyaa to download. It is by Gonzo. And I hate Gonzo…. usually their anime adaptation sucks big time, but since Blassreiter is original, at least I thought… can’t be so bad, also I love Gonzo’s other original production like Darker Than Black.

And so I went to watch it, my husband sit beside me to watch as well. But he fell asleep like in 3 episodes… (it was 1am dooohhh…) The first and second episodes had given me an impression that Gerd is the main protagonist (the stupid summary on ANN also) his Demoniac’s form also kinda cool, with the dual curve blade and whitish look appearance, he was kinda baddas.

But he died like in 7 episodes lol. Then after that you got to know that Joseph is actually the  main protagonist here. And you will fall in love with him. Because (I think) he is the only hero who did/does everything right, flawless, good nature kind of guy, who shoulder everything on himself. And he believes in WORLD PEACE (ok the last is I added one).

Well I will not write the specific plot summary about this. But I can tell you that this anime is very underrated… maybe because the excessive cgi, maybe because of the plot (even though it is very solid) maybe because of the tragedy, or maybe because its too slow pace at the start. OR MAYBE…. a lot of kids doesn’t understand the message that carries in the story. Simply put… Blassreiter is not for kids. Its not even for loli/moe loving otaku. Its for people like me lol…. who appreciate tragedy if it done rights (I hate The Book of Bantorra though… it is so fucked up… I will review it if I manage to finish the anime).

This is also one of the view anime that almost all the characters are died by the end of the series… But… you don’t resent it… It was part of the plot though… I mean even though they died but it done right.

I can’t write any more review about Blassreiter. Simply also I don’t know what to write so many thought in my mind. Do not watch it just because of the mecha and demoniac designs. Watch it for the plot and story, and you will never regret. One of the best anime.. I rate it 4.5/5 on anime planet. Just because they killed our main protagonist in the process. But I still love this anime overall.

Music: Unripe Hero by Minami Kuribayashi (Blassreiter op2)

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