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Zero no Tsukaima


So then after watching Shana, I immediately went to withdrawal mode and I thought why don’t re-watching Zero No Tsukaima from the first season. Cause I have not watch F yet, so to refresh and curb my withdrawal as well. The two main characters in ZnT voiced by the same seiyuu As SnS(Shana). Satoshi Hino And Rie Kugimiya, I swear their chemistry are awesome.

So in to my personal review. Let me start by saying… all the op/ed ZnT are complemeting the anime as a whole, can’t help but loving all the op. ZnT anime are adaptation from Light Novel on the same name. So previously I have a mixed feeling when watching this, like all anime that based on Light Novel series. Whether they will live to the Light Novel’s reputation. Whether the anime production company will fucked up with the adaptation. Whether the Light Novel’s fans will approved the anime adaptation, whether the anime will have a new fan based etc etc. Because if everything are bad. High chance that the anime will only stop in the first season. And it sucks big time. Cause to know more you need to check the Light Novel and if you are in luck you can find the fan translation on Baka-Tsuki.

Even though it sucks, I watch them anyway… anime like Black Blood Brothers, Chrome Shelled Regios, The Legend of Legendary Heroes etc and most recently Hidan no Aria. So when I found out ZnT have a new season called ZnT F. I was delighted, cause F usually significantly the same like saying.. “hey dude this is the last and final season, enjoy!” And so ZnT are put on my want to watch list together with SnS Final.

To start of the plot summary is really interest me, although I must admit I was a bit late in to ZnT, probably after the Rondo came out, then I started watching it. Most probably because Louise looks like loli and tsundere, the power combi that I always want stay away (especially if Harem) But I watch SnS before, and probably also Toradora! (can’t remember watch ZnT first or Toradora! first) and I find those loli and tsundere from Light Novel are bearable compare to original or game adaptation. And I love magic, so why not?

I must say I am glad I watch it, together with hubby we had fun watching it. The comedy is funny, and the gag is ok. Characters bearable to watch, though they have some filler like episode (i bet adapted from Light Novel as well) We truly enjoy watching it. The climax and ending is not so awesome like any other shounen-esqe genre out there. But hey, this is only 12 episodes anime, what do you expect?

This anime also the first anime that I watch where the main chars kiss so many times lol. And later or where Saito repeatedly saying that he loves Louise bla bla bla. Truly comedy, romance, adventure genre.

Music: Burst The Gravity by Altima (Accel World op2)

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