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11 APR

Chihayafuru i the anime that i watch in the middle on watching Gundam X i think. Well occasional shoujo is ok while i am a bit bored with Gundams marathon lol. But actually Chihayafuru is josei genre. And it turn out to be good, at least the anime. It is about Karuta card game. See not only boys enjoying card game like Card fight Vanguard(i swear everywhere i go i see boys carrying Vanguard card lol) or Yu Gi Oh. But we girls also has card game anime that really really rocks you out lol.

And i was delighted when i found out that Taichi is voice by Mamoru Miyano (one of my fav) Throughout the show i was so happy to hear his voice again and again, especially when Taichi has a lot of monologue as well lol.

While is the truth that i enjoyed watching the card game show. I am not lying if i said i disappointed with the development in the love department. Well maybe because the manga is still ongoing. The anime ended hanging. No conclusion whatsoever, Chihaya still in class A have not become Queen yet, and Taichi even still in class B lol.

Soo.. i got screwed once again by those anime that stop halfway. But i still enjoyed the show from the bottom of my heart (probably because of Taichi’s voice)

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WhyteRhose avatar WhyteRhose
Jul 2, 2013

Hello! :D

There is a Season 2, if you haven't checked it out already:


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