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Mobile Fighter G Gundam

11 APR

Hi… wow… it has been a while since i made the last update post lol. There are some anime that i watch this past 2 weeks. And i was distracted with our newest toy : xbox360 kinect :) Dance Central is kinda addicting, but i need to finish my gundam first lol.

Anyway… in to the review (personal of course… very personal) G Gundam probably the most ‘LOL’ Gundam that i will ever watch. It was like watching Dragon Ball or Saint Seiya, or any shounen-esq anime from retro ’90 era. Every thing from G Gundam scream SHOUNEN to me. You know those super hero thingy. Domon even got Saiyan and Super Saiyan version on his own.

The plot were ok, and it was boring for a few episodes. It basically random battle between Gundams. Oh.. there were lots of lots of Gundam. I thought Gundam Wing has lots of Gundam, G Gundam beat it to pulp. And to boot… the Gundam are all is very funny looking design. I don’t know what drug that the 3 key mecha designer took to come out such ridiculously funny Gundam design. Kunio Okawara only designed Shining and God Gundam, so i forgave him. And Hajime Katoki probably designed the all cool (because Katoki design is pure sick) Master Gundam or maybe Devil Gundam. And the last one Kimitoshi Yamane probably the culprit who design some Gundam like Nether, Tequila, Mandam? (forgot the name lol), Joker, Nobel, Cobra, Mathador and many other that i can’t remember.

Oh ya.. G Gundam is actually the first Gundam who got commisioned by the big boss to a new group of staff to create a new Gundam series for the 15th Anniversarry of Gundam. Some international fans like the style (fighting martial arts) but not me lol. The trace system is cool and all, but the plot is still ridiculous. I almost died or boredom (i actually stop a few days) watching the final round of Gundam fight. And the space fight only what? 3 episodes? some more there are no one to fight except the almighty Devil Gundam. Boring?? well surprisingly… is not. I lol like crazy towards the ending as well. The love punch is actually can destroy the almighty Devil Gundam. While other hero in other Gundam universe fighting for their life and their love ones, and some of them even fight for the world peace(pun intended). Domon was actually fighting to get Ran back. Yep… he said him self lol. Basically he doesn’t care if the world hanging in the balance, he just want Ran back lol.

Also, Domon was the first hero in Gundam shows (Kou is almost there, but Nina is a bitch so is not counted) that openly said he loves his girl and he wants her back lol. But throughout the show Domon repeatedly treats Ran like shit (that idiot).

Well anyway… all went well. I forgive him, and i forgive all the characters there (who acts stupid) Not much emotional build up to hate all the antagonist in this show. Not even Master, Wong or even Ulube. In a nutshell G Gundam is a kiddy show. Now i believe after i watch all the three Gundams (that run continously for 3 years) all the shows is so kiddy, well maybe not Gundam X cause there are some philosophy shit in there, but still weak.

What else? apart from the occasional lol outburst, overall i enjoyed watching it. The catchphrases is so lollol

This hand of mine is BURNING RED!
Its loud roar tells me to grasp victory!
Heat End.

Yeah… the opponents Gundam actually defeated by just the fingers lol.

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