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Mobile Suit Gundam


If you want to be a true Gundam fan, you must watch the first Gundam series to understand the heritage, the concept, the conflict, the intertwined fate between Gundam and it’s pilot, and the whole teenagers stuck within the conflict. Universal Century as the first time lime eventually spawn to a lot of sequel series.

When i watch this show, i immediately sucked in to the story and the conflict, how eventually the Gundam found it’s pilot (always accidentally, stolen or whatever) and the journey, their view about the war. The angst, the development of the characters. How Amuro eventually grow ups and not stay as brat when he first start piloting the Gundam. Char Aznable as he eventually become the popular culture, and how his character concept always spawned with almost every Gundam series after the first one.

Mobile Suit Gundam concept depart from traditional super-robot series to a more real-robot genre feeling.

I was surprised to find that even though the story is centered around White Base and Gundam, there are still lots of mobile suit that you can fall in love too. Zaku, Dom, Gouf, Gogg, Gelgogg, Gyan, Zeong etc. In fact after this i want to find the replica for collections.

Overall i found watching Mobile Suit Gundam to be a very enjoyable experience. Its oldie but its story remind as a master piece, it will never gets old with time.

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