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This anime is an incredibly fun and enjoyable anime, and should just be laughed along with, not taken too seriously.

If you don't know what the anime is about, then it's not really too much to explain, because like many comedy anime, it doesn't have much of a storyline, due to the type of comedy it utilises.  I'm no way saying that each episode has no link to the previous; just that the main point of the anime is comedy, not drama and a plot.

Because of this, I gave the story 7 out of 10, due to very minor potholes and the fact there isn't much of a story to begin with, though some may concur.  (For me, story is very different to the plot, since the story is about the writing of a story throughout the episodes whilst the plot is what it's about.  In case you were wondering, I found the plot to be hilarious and original)

The animation style is very nicely done, and fits into its purpose well.  The characters are a little more lanky than other anime characters, but this does well for this purpose, which is to exaggerate the body movements of the characters to contribute to the over the top, larger than life comedy.  It's not particularly aiming for the "kawaii" factor as in many anime, but exaggeration on the obscurity and strangeness.  The characters are supposed to be laughed at, and supposed to be enjoyable to watch their reactions and personalities, and the animation shows them of very well.

Going onto the characters, many people probably have a very different opinion than mine.  I feel that; as previously stated, that the hosts are supposed to have a strange personality, way of acting and so on.

Haruhi is personally a really good main character.  She doesn't care about what anyone thinks of her, is very rational and clear thinking, doesn't abide by the way most girls in anime should behave and act, actually fits into her role well.  Plus, she's smart, very smart.  How many main characters can you think of that are intelligent?  Less than ones who are either "baka's" or average.

First, she fits well into the club, and her thinking fits similarly to the other members of the group.  More like she isn't alone with her thinking, as the other characters show similar reactions as she does in certain situations.  Why is this important?  Well, usually when the main character finds something strange, they are usually alone in that response.  This makes her fit well into the club, and not stick out as a sore thumb, and is a result of attentive writing.

She doesn't also have long, lengthy speeches which make the other character change for their life and get all their troubles healed by the words of this sweet, perfect character.  You get this a lot (fruits basket).  Her comments are more like an educated assumption and analysis of the other person, and often are quite short comments.  This feels sooo much more natural, and works with her intelligence.

The other characters also each have their own personalities and such, and although they are also important, just by looking at the main character a little, and although I could write even more about her as a character, I’ve hopefully showed that the characters are well written and work well together, and to me are worthy of 9.25 out of 10

The comedy though is not for everyone.  Many people, especially those new, or haven't watched very many comedy orientated anime, may find that the comedy is weird.  I for one suggest not to look at what's specifically going on, but the humour in its strangeness.  The anime is making fun of itself on many occasions, by making something happen, or the characters do something that is funny.  For example, at episode 1, when our protagonist walked in, there was an arrow pointing to the expensive vase, practically saying "Oh look, a really expensive base, i wonder what will happen" "here it is again, in case you forgot about it" "what do you know, they broke it".  The hosts themselves are funny because of how over the top they act, that it's not supposed to be normal, so just laugh at the bazare scene. This type of humour is quite Japanese, so unless you're used to it or understand the humour, than the anime may not be for you.  The reason may be that in american TV, the comody is in a lot of cleaver puns and the like, and laughing at the characters when something funny happens to them, an example is slapstik.  Not to say all humour is that, just what we've been brought up with has a lot of it, whereas here we're laughing with the anime, and as such, it is not being totally serious. You laugh at the charatcers for doing something, but you're laughing at how strange and unique the characters are made.  I find it quite hard to explain, but i hope you understand a bit better.

Thank you for reading and this is my first review I’ve done.  If you have anything you'd like to point out to me, or any constructive critisism, than I’d be pleased if you could message me or something.  If you disagree with what I say, or wish to discuss some of what I have wrote, I’d be happy to talk, so long as the goal of trying to destroy my opinion and such are not of your aims

Thank you for reading :)

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.3/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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fifthcadence Nov 6, 2013

Nicely written. Keep reviewing! :)