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I'm cielkia

would like to meet new friends

love cosplay and yaoi~

akatsuki, deidara and itachi are literally my hobbies, love to write about them

university student

spanish and english ~

please message me if you'd like to talk cus I would love to :D 

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Sianeka says...

Thank you! Am now following you! Keep in touch and leave me a comment on my profile page any time - I'd love to hear from you again!

Aug 5, 2014
Felice says...

hey, nice to meet you!

yep, at first sight they both look ike arrogant bastards, but they`re self-sufficient ones ^o^

sadly, we have opposite prefferences in Naruto`s girls.. :C

Jul 20, 2014
Sianeka says...

Aaaggghhhh!  I'm horrible at coming up with yaoi pairings. I'm so much more appreciative of other folk's pairings! *smile*

Never really tried to come up with one for Itachi in my mind... I dunno if it would be a good matchup, but just thinking of Akatsuki members off the top of my head, I remember enjoying Hidan character.  He made me laugh.  So maybe a Itachi/Hidan pairing?

Kisame is just too obvious, and the dynamic isn't there.

Prolly Deidara for looks, since he's prolly one of the cutest except for Itachi...

Gotta give this more thought, see who might "fit" better with Itachi's personality...

Jun 6, 2014
FureUchihaNara says...

I really want to do a full complete cosplay one day, but I don't know of which character yet :)

Jun 3, 2014
Sianeka says...

I've colplayed as Shikamaru, with my sister and a friend, so we did the Ina-Shika-Cho team together. That was lots of fun!

You asked: oh and what's ur favorite itachi's partner? ~~

Favorite Itachi partner? Unsure what you mean?  Who is yours?

Jun 2, 2014