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about me

First of all,
Hi to everyone who bothered reading my bio XD
(since my life isn't really THAT interesting to write about)
So yeah....
Well, I guess I sorta grew up with anime in my life,
cuz i remember i was already watchin anime since i was 3 or so
But my interest for anime started around the age of 12

As for what i do during my free times...
i'd draw pictures once in a while and i love hanging around with friends
(except too bad none of them really watch anime, so can't really talk with them about it)
I love reading so my room is filled with books and mangas
I don't think i have any preference for music,
I'd listen to anything as long as they sound nice.
My favorite composer would be Kajiura Yuki
(dunno why but i just love her music)
I love watching comedy and romance,
but lately i figured that horror wasn't so bad too =D
Anime that i'd definately watch would be the shoujo-ai/yuri genre =P

I guess thats all i can think of atm =p
(told ya, it really wasn't that interesting)

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