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As I've just noticed that I was so easily pulled away from my initial goal... I'll try and make this short-ish.

I started watching Anime in ~2000 (FFU was new) I went by the nick Birdy-San for a long time on irc.

I was a big shot in Lots-of-Anime aka AnimeSource (not the same group as Anime-Source).

I did some Timing for the group (most of Hack/roots). (gak got distracted again)

Anyway, if you havn't guessed I'm canadian!! and even worse... I'm a french canadian so!!! Va te pogner une poutine a ma santé mon grop croté!!!

Errrm... bleh if you want to know more just contact me I'm sure I'll figure some way to bore you... chow!!

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Thanks! ^_^

Nov 10, 2010

Thanks for the recommendation!

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Nov 10, 2010

What are your favorite animes?

Happy Birthday!

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