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I wanted to make my 1000th anime special so i went for Romance of the Three Kingdoms!

It's everything I ever wished it could have been... well almost :P I've been a huge fan of this series since I can remember. With the video games and real life tv series. I loved watching and playing and learning everything i could about these stories and characters.

It needed to be LONGER! It really did end way too soon for me. They skimped out imo on the "last" battle.... which isn't even the real last battle but meh :P I know WAY too much about these stories so that might be why i wanted more than I knew the anime would have done. It really ended quite early on in the stories and that saddened me quite a lot.

There was a serious lack of blood that was really hard to deal with for me. When you chop someones head off there needs to be some fluid spillage! It felt at times that the show was aimed at children but in all honestly i thinkg the story is a little advanced for a kid to really enjoy. I can't see a child sitting through 3 eps of strategy talk. The word "bumpkin" was used WAY too much! It got soooo annoying. It was really annoying when they would refer to top generals as bumpkins... like really why do that... use a real insult boys! :P

Aside from these 3 TINY complaints, everything else was amazing. The story of Wei, Shu & Wu is simply well done with all the characters.

Zhang Fei being the whiny drunk little brother (Liu Bei + Guan Yu famous brotherhood oath) was highly amuzing to me and he ended up being one of my favourite characters in the anime. It's actually hard for me to not like any of the characters actually cause even the bad guys were awesome. I've always loved Lu bu's story and he will always remain a favourite nemisis of mine. Cao Cao is also another beloved pain in the ass character that i will always enjoy. The only thing that could have bothered me but i didn't overly let it is the way they looked. it was always pretty different from what i was expecting. Zhou Yu (favourite character) not having long pretty hair was a HUGE let down :P

Either way simply well done all around and I loved it to bits. I must rearange my top 10 yet again. I hope someday that it will be remade with todays graphics, added stories, and BLOOD! LOL I can dream! But seriously that would make me SOOOOOOOO happy.

edit: i got my wish and it's currently going to be airing fall 2009!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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