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A Wind Named Amnesia

Oct 2, 2009

The whole world gets a weird wind that comes along and makes everyone forget how to do everything. who they are, who they love, just everything. killing and murder take place for food and just basic survival instincts. Man has been turned into primitive beings now.

Wataru (who didn't have a name at the time and was a beast himself Johnny names him) meets Johnny who was not effected by the wind because he was a science experiment to make memory more and more. which is pretty cool imo because they had lots of other experimental beings that could use telekinetics and whatnot. really COOL

Anyway Johnny teaches Wataru how to talk again and do all the things he knew how to before the wind. After a little while Wataru because Johnny gave him the name Wataru which means wandering traveler. he starts traveling because he promisec johnny to go to all the big cities in the US.

He meets up with a nice lady named Sophia who can talk as well and seems to have a power of her own using her mind.

Men of the earth have started to kind of do things like midevil earth as we know. tribes, sacrifices, worship over strange things, and just basic survival of the fittest.

After running around with all these savages for a while Wataru and Sophia end up in a place that the US gov made. it is a self containing city with everything it needs to keep humans alive and well. it's all controlled by a super computer which makes me thing of Appleseed right of way. hehehe... the city was mildly affected by the wind but not enough to make people forget their day to day desires.

Sophia finally admits to Wataru that she is part of a race of aliens that did in fact send the wind down upon mankind. not only out of fear of attack but for mankinds own good in their opinion because now everyone can truely start over from scratch. Wataru continues to travel around the old US cities trying to teach and help some people do things for the better.

so the end of this is Sophia taking Wataru for a roll in the hay and makes him remember all their travels together and all they meet along the way. finally she goes back to her race to report how mankind is progressing in their current state. LOL that came out of no where!

there was nothing outright bad about this anime for me. the music was a tad cheesy but hey what do you expect from an 90's film that is still clearly thinking about the 80's XD all in all this was very enjoyable watch for me and i give it a 4/5

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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afrowolf Dec 6, 2011

"90's film that is still clearly thinking about the 80's" I love it! I hadn't quite thought of it that way before. Nice review.