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GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

19 OCT

I wasn't ever expecting much from this show and i'm sad that i was correct. Although it did give me false hope that it would actually be good as the first 2 episodes were quite funny. It then turned into the same things over and over again for another 10 episodes. I'm not sure how all these shows can get made let alone be so popular since they are a dime a dozen and you'll be lucky if you find one good one in that group.

The chick with the glasses really pissed me off. i'm all for unique character design but when it gets to the annoying part where everytime i saw her i wondered why she had such huge glasses but were never over here eyes. Aside from her the rest were forgetful and meaningless.

I suggest not bothering with this show unless... you seem to really like the boring look at a school childs life at art school... :|

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