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Aoi Hana

Oct 19, 2009

This show was so boring... I mean i knew what i was getting into with it as it's a Shoujo-ai anime at an all girls school. So i was expecting Maria sama with different characters. I can't believe this show actually made Maria sama look good... Yes while both had whiny, bitchy characters. Aoi Hana turned up the drama and waterworks past the dial limit. It was very annoying to watch a girl crying every episode about whatever crisis was occuring at that very moment. It was very easy not to pay attention for 10 mins and still figure out what was going on.. even if nothing really happened for the majority of the time. for an anime so short it seemed like each episode was over an hour long. wishing for the anime to end while you are on ep 2 is never a good sign. At least the animation was pretty...

2/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
1/10 overall
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NoCheerios Jan 7, 2011

At first I was like :O

But then I lol'd

Esper26 May 26, 2010

Great review!

chii Nov 11, 2009

well first off you have terrible english so if you are going to "critique" other people's stuff learn how to type properly.

second off it's a personal review i don't care if it's a boring anime or an exciting one i'm going to review whatever i damn please.

third off that food review is gold you just don't *get it* lolol

Doommuks Nov 11, 2009

(Dont say anything about my bad english)

Doommuks Nov 11, 2009

hm.... 2, 8, 5, 2..... 4.5? but noooo...... 1... lame..well atleast the rewiew was good, not like some thats is about food and this anime (lame)but still Aoi hana was a good, the kind that releaves stress.... maby it was a bit boodring but it was stil wery good (sto raiting boring ones bad(someone might like that tipe))