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I had NO idea what i was getting into when i started this anime. All i knew about it was that it had ecchi in it. While yes i got ecchi.... LOTS OF ECCHI. I also recieved.... odd fetishes, a very strange plot about shocking depressed people to make them "happy" again. A hentai show within this anime with very odd scenes... one male with a baseball bat.... boobs... lots and lots of boobs... naked ones... panties gallore.... and peeing.... wait what?

Yup this show had lots of peeing in it.... i have about 10 more pictures... and could have taken more

This anime will leave you going WTF a lot and perhaps laughing. I know i did. A lot. It's one of those shows that are so bad it's funny. The idea behind this anime is interesting and if it wasn't ecchi filled it might have been excellent.

I suggest watching this if you LOVE ecchi and crazyness. Also if you don't want to use your brain for 4 hours!

Don't get the rating wrong from me. it was "enjoyable" but honestly i really have to rate it for what it was. lol

5/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
4/10 overall
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CoolHandMike Dec 20, 2011

I think "rating it for what it was" means scoring it as a genre anime which delivers ecchi and comedy in spades and thus deserves a high score.

Symmetrical Dec 26, 2010

I feel what you mean :) I really laughed hard and enjoyed it, but it wasnt that great if you take it serious XD