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I went into this expecting very boring and drawnout crappy drama about love and some weird stuff called diamond dust. I expected one full on story as well. Yet boring, crappy, and one story isn't what i got at all. I recieved a tale about 6 different females in very different situations that captivated me for all 12 episodes. Diamond dust playing a magical part in every story Each story had 2 eps to get through their tale and I think if each story went on for any longer they wouldn't have been as good.

Story 1: A girl works at a fish store owned by her family. They are struggling for money but all will be solved if she marries a man whom she has been arranged to. The thing is she doesn't overly want to get married at all and wants to get rid of her debt by working on her own. Her mother wishes she would see that this is impossible and just go alone with the marriage anyway. She of course meets another man randomly while she is having all these conflicting thoughts and latches onto him immediatly. I really wish they boffed as she was pratically naked in his apt one night but i was not rewarded. That i suppose would have been too much drama for this anime. XD

Story 2: Your typical sick girl in this story. but she's staying sick by choice... well kinda. she's afraid of having an operation because her dad died while he was having one. while i agree with that fear wow was it a tad annoying to watch her dwell on it so much in her coughing fits when she got too distresses about things. she ended up being a blogger and a new doctor figured this out and helped her to gain confidence to get the surgery after a while.

Story 3: This time it's about a short film maker lady. She's really enthusiastic about it to the point where she's a total bitch to everyone. Yeah you can see where this one is headed. But it was a really sweet captivating story.

Story 4: This one revolves around a little girl that skates. I was not overly interested in this story so that's really all i have to say about it. :P

Story 5: This chick is having an affair with a married man. Her work is a radio announcer that gives relationship advice and she has a stalker that sends her things that she talks about on her show that goes by "radio boy". the dude she was having the affair with turns into a douche bag (like always with affairs). once she realizes that her advice is bullcrap over the air because she can barely take on her own relationships her one true fan runs down to the studio to tell her how much she means to him. Somehow this story takes 2 really creepy, horrible things and make them into a hilarious story

Story 6: A girl has a father that drinks a lot. he's sick with brain cancer and she only just finds out now. he should have gone for treatment long ago but he never did. The old man want nothing more than to make sure his daughter will be happy in life.

The last ep was filled with all the characters gathering and seeing the Diamond Dust in the winter time. A very lovely episode. The op is a little too happy go lucky for me but the ending is beautiful. The animation is lovely and never hard on the eyes. The music durning the eps are very mood fitting and work very well. All of the characters were very very excellent. The only boring ones to me was the skating story. 4.5 from me because of that one shitty story :P

9.5/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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