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Jungle Emperor Leo Movie


Hello lion king! lol i know the japanese series came first but yeah XD there's people in this one though!!! That are in search of a special stone.*snore* haha

This is pretty much man vs. nature. man wanders into the jungle and starts building roads and shooting animals where ever they wish. it's actually pretty brutal and not really for kids eyes imo LOL

Elephants are kinda the bullies of the jungle which is a little weird for me cause well i love elephants and them being kinda bad and mean is well... just weird to me haha.

Watching all the little animals running around having a good time (when not being mowed over by humans) is lovely to watch. Singing and dancing having a blast. Still feels like a Disney movie to me but well with the weird and wacky style that the Japanese bring to all they create LOL

Little Leo doesn't have the hate for humans that all the other animals do so he goes to "visit" them and ends up in a circus LOL (of course) then suddenly a plague hits the animals of the jungle..... SO RANDOM... but it goes back to those special stones again from the beginning of the movie that little Leo has to get to save his "people" hehe

All in all this was an amazingly cute watch but i'd be careful letting kids of small ages watch this alone as there's quite a few scary parts that will probably make them cry.

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