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Jyu Oh Sei

Oct 5, 2009

This one was a surprise enjoyment. The Summery of it makes it seem rather dull. But the character development and interaction with one another was pretty darn good. It even managed to surprise me a little as well. Which is a HUGE accomplishment because I almost always "see it coming" None of the characters really annoyed me so that was another accomplishment for this anime as well. Tiz was a little annoying but I could see why she was being whiny so it wasn't all that bad.

I found it a little weird that it only had 11 episodes so I though that the end was going to be rushed or just not really end. Nothing about this was rushed which made me feel good at the end. I still have to think a little more about the ending but it was what I expected and very fitting. I even went back and watched the last few minutes of the last episode to make my thoughts more complete about it and I'm satisfied.

I really like killer plants! ....Sorry the RE fan in me came out a little there.... :P

I didn't find the music all that great but here's a neet little fact I found out. The voice actor for Thor was the same person singing the opening theme "how deep is your heart" Kōichi Dōmoto.... Wish I could say I liked the song but I didn't.

This is a must watch for people who love sci-fi shows.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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