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My Macross Anime Favourites

All Macross is awesome but here's the order in which I'd watch em over and over again in. (Delta at the bottom because it hasn't aired yet)
1 Macross Plus
Macross Plus

My first and favourite macross series that I watched. Also one of my first anime too so no real surprise why I love it so much. I can't even begin to remmeber how many times I've seen it because I've watched it THAT many times. All characters are amazing. And the songs are still the best ever in all of anime.

I'd do Isamu in a heartbeat.

2 Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Where it all began. Great series. Had some pacing issues but overall the characters really brought it.

Team Misa ftw.

Fuck that Kaifun guy.

3 Macross Zero
Macross Zero

As a prestory to all of Macross this was super fun. A lovely OVA and really reminded me how the franchise does one off stories so well.

4 Macross Frontier
Macross Frontier

I really want to rewatch this one since I've only seen it once and would love to remember even more about this super fun series.

Team Sheryl ftw.

5 Macross II: Lovers Again
Macross II: Lovers Again

I honestly barely remember this one so it is due for a rewatch at some point. I do remember it being kinda fun but very forgettable. Very different from all the other Macross titles.

6 Macross 7
Macross 7

Welocome to the silly side of the Macross franchise. Was fun but had a lot of issues too. Basara is one of the most annoying characters ever to me.


Team Gamlin ftw.

7 Macross Delta
Macross Delta

Preview episode was good but I'm rather afraid of the magical girl idol feel it gave off.


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