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Anime I Hate

List not ordered except for the top 10


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Uzrfrndly says...

Well, I didn’t toradora or any of the monogataris so I would accept this list if Flcl wasn’t on it.

Nov 18, 2016
AnnaMichelle says...

I cannot agree more,

I'm so glad there's actually someone who hate these.....

Nov 10, 2016
DarkLameMaster says...

I'm glad there is someone else who hates Clannad

Nov 10, 2016
Kyumaki says...

Well seems like you really hate idols :/

It's your list so I can't change it. I love many animes in that list :( Well okay, have a good life

Oct 3, 2016
Tahia says...

It's not fare I totally agree with most of this list but just a few of them i really like and by that i dont mean clannad NOOOO I totally agree with that.

Jul 25, 2016