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Shounen! Oh my

15 MAR

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! - currently i'm caught up with it and totally enjoying it. We're at a very interesting part of the show where they are fighting for rulership with the big guys. Generally I use to just put the show on as background noise and half hearted paied attention to it but these days i find myself glued to the show to see who/what will happen next.

One Piece - everything about this show is awesome. Right now they are trying to get shanks out of prison. Epicness has followed for all of this series and somehow they can still manage to make things better and better as time goes on. Can't wait for the next episode.

Bleach - bleh i wonder why i keep watching at times but then i remember that someday they will get back to that awesome story line of theirs.

Gintama -I'm only on episode 80 or something in this series. I love it to bits though which is why i'm so slow at watching it. If i'm caught up i'll have to wait for a new ep each week and i do that already with lots of awesome shows where i wish i could just keep watching forever. I think i'm going to restart the series and make my boyfriend watch it with me as i'm positive he'll love it just as much as i do. I can't wait till the movie comes out though!!!

Naruto - only on episode 60. can't say i'm liking it, but i don't hate it either. My boyfriend on the other hand loves it and is pissed off at me that i've been putting it off saying i need to write a post blog about the episodes we already watched still.

Dectective Conan - Slowly watching episodes as they come out in order. There's a bunch missing in the middle of the series which is where I am and both me and my boyfriend wish to watch the TV all in order. This is slow but ok we have lot of other shows to be watching. (ps i know DC isn't shounen :P)


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