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Kaleido Star


So i'm up to ep 22 of Kaleido Star and i gotta say it's cheesy terribleness. Each ep is the same over and over again with the lead noob trying to suceed. Sometimes i wish she'd just fall off that stupid swing in the sky.

I wish i could say i have a favourite character. but i don't. they all have their annoyingness to them. i guess the one that i think is okish would be the one that is the tolken lesbo but actually isn't one. she just looks pretty half the time but wants to be a comedian so does a lot of silly things... yeah shitty character but she's the most entertaining to me for some reason....

There's the tolken uber star that was already there and of course hates the noob and makes life hell for her. the blond bitch is what i call her.

There's a character called "fool" who is the spirit of the circus stage or whatever.... he is the most annoying thing ever. he's suppose to be all knowing and i assume comedy relief... but OMG it's just terrible.

I think one of the things that bother me the most that NO one else would care about is there's this seal.... there's nothing wrong with it being there or anything but the noise it makes... it's like a dog barking. >.< i find this SO annoying and i'm not 100% sure why :|

Maybe it's just because i've never been really entertained by a circus act before that i have no interest in the show and find every flaw i can.

Anyway half way through... uhhhhhhhhg..... i'll get you back kira! >:P


SabakunoYana avatar SabakunoYana
Sep 21, 2009

XD I didn't saw this entry. Pretty good. I really don't like this series but guess that is ok for that strange genre (circus? acrobatic techniques?)

Najaraja avatar Najaraja
Sep 14, 2009

you're so harsh.  :(

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