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Mixed Vegetables

Sep 24, 2010

Oh the irony!!! How ironic is it that a pastry chef's daughter wants to be a sushi chef and a sushi chef's son wants to be a pastry chef? I mean COME ON!!!!

Story: The son and daughter was only interested in the other because they thought if they married the other they would end up being the next in line for becoming the family's legacy. Too bad neither one wants to be what their dad is. And then they lose the interest in each other after they find out about each other's goals.....or do they? O.o

Characters: Do I really have to explain more about them? Okay. 

Hanayu-training to be a sushi chef, strong, loyal, loving, great with a knife

Hayato-training to be a pastry chef, a tease, curious, funny, eats anything

Maezawa-snarky, talented, antagonist, mean, honest, interfers in Hanayu and Hayato's "relationship", but still helps them out

All the others are great influences and just help tell the story and help in helping them in some way, but Maezawa seems to help them out more.

Overall: Just read it!

9/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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