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Spirited Away

Sep 24, 2010

How do I describe this movie? Hmm...........You tell me.

Story: A family is moving to a new location and like every family there is a dad that thinks he knows a short cut to the location, a mother who wants to make sure everything is alright and no one to get hurt, and a child who doesn't want to be moving and feels like they will be hating everything there. The short cut doesn't work out so well though....THEY END UP IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!! But they're not dead. All I can say is that sometimes the kids are the ones who are right and the parents end up in trouble, which is exactly what happens. So now Chihiro, the daughter, is without parents in a strange strange world, but someone remembers her from the human world and helps her out. It is a test and transformation for Chihiro to become a better person and for her to step out of her shell. Kids can do a lot of stuff if they want to get their parents back. She's now working for a which, helping out a river spirit and no-faced spirit and giving a bunch of other spirits baths! But don't worry this story have a happy ending.


Chihiro-stubborn, shy, and has a life changing experience.

Haku-a river spirit, two-faced, greedy, cursed, but then saved

Yubaba-a witch, owner of the bath house, a mother, bitter, stubborn, twin

Zaneba-twin, complete opposite of Yubaba, but looks exactly the same

I just listed those characters cause I feel like those are the only characters that are worth remembering, but all the other characters are good too and have their own personality and end up helping in some way, big or small.

Overall: Like I said. You tell me what you can say about this story.


8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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