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Aug 4, 2010

Entertaining to the end! It was a laugh from start to finish with a few serious moments to calm yourself down, but can't not look at the elephants!

Characters: Youko and Keita are just this weird couple in a way (that's how I thought of them). Keita met Youko at first in her fox form when he was just a little kid (and even then he was a pervert). Youko isn't really an inukami, she's just pretending to be one in order to stay with Keita. The Kawahira family are the masters of the inukami of the mountain, Kaoru (Keita's older and much more of a gentlemen brother) has 10 inukamis all committed to him body, mind and soul (something Keita wishes to have in order to fulfill his perverted and sexual fantasies). I can't really name all the inukami Kaoru-sama has, but I do know (in my point of view) the main ones: Sendan is a bit of the controlling and the mother to all the others, Tomohane is the little kid of the family and just a bundle of joy with the cutest disposition, Nadeshiko (I think) is married to Kaoru or should be married to him. All the others just make up your typical family (except they have tails and powers and are seriouly over protective of the "dad").

Story: It's just a bunch of craziness, perverts and weirdos that combine in a sequence of events. The characters are always so important and always play a part in the story, okay. Youko isn't really an inukami right? Well! Her dad is just the worse......villain? demon? spirit? in the story (but they make it seem like he's the worse in the world). Strange stuff has been happening in the city where this couple lives and it just leads up to the release of Dai Youko, Youko's father, and the characters that appear before his release really know how to make a day special. Sekidosai is a wizard or magician who had a fight with Dai Youko 300 hundred years ago! Now they're fighting again with everyone caught into the middle!And everyone was just so happy before this happened, but then a whole bunch of crazy mixed up stuff start happening with the characters. Sekidosai turns out to be an evil wizard from Kaoru's past who feeds on other people's despair. Dai Youko appears to have been watching his daughter very closely with a dairy filled with pictures and notes about his daughter. Kaoru is living inside a fake body which disappears after a while, but it wasn't his choice, the evil wizard living inside of Sekidosai put Kaoru's spirit inside that body and only he can put it back.

Okay, I've said way too many spoilers now, but overall it was very very entertaining. Gomenasai about the spoilers, but I will tell you one more thing: You would not expect such an ending coming from such a perverted show.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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