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Princess Tutu

Jul 10, 2010

The Story: Each episode begins with a narrator telling an opening to some form a fairytale which then plays along into the episode. The main story "The Prince and the Raven" is where the story of Princess Tutu comes from. Drosselmeyer being the author of the story who died, but still keeps a close watch on how his story has progressed because every story that he writes comes true. "The Prince and the Raven" is suppose to be a tragedy where the story most end as the beginning.

Characters: The story gives off the feeling that Drosselmeyer is the villain and Princess Tutu is the hero, but then the story progresses and you start to realize the truth behind every character. Each has their own tragic background story which makes them into the character they play in the story. "The Prince and the Raven"'s characters go like this; Mytho is the prince obviously, Fakir is his loyal knight, Princess Tutu was created as a source of interest to Drosselmeyer because he said that his story was going no where, Rou is Princess Kraehe (the crow) and all the other characters do have some importance, but end up not being in the story eventually. Of course thats only for the story that the show is "based" off of. Mytho has lost his heart and it is now in different pieces spread all over due to his fight as a prince with the raven and has no memory of it, but for every shard that Princess Tutu returns to him he gains an emotion and a memory of who he is. Duck is Princess Tutu and yes a duck. She is suppose to return the prince's heart to him and is cursed to never tell the prince of her love for him. Princess Kraehe is the daughter of the Raven , but Rou is just an ordinary human girl who was kidnapped by the Raven and was fed his blood in order for her to be Princess Kraehe and not feel love. Fakir has been protecting the prince for quite some time in his life and knows the story of "The Prince and the Raven" and figures out that the story has come true and that he was suppose to die since he is the princes knight, but a family tree shown to him shows that he is a direct dissident of Drosselmeyer and has the power to rewrite the story.

Back to the Story: The show leads you into believing that you already know how the story is suppose to end, but change of events and discovery leads to an alternate ending and this time it is a happy ending for the only person (or thing) that suffers is the raven. 

Now that the story is over, a few questions came to mind: What will happen with Mytho and Rou since they still have the raven's blood within them? What story has Drosselmeyer moved on to? and What was the emotion for that finale heart shard?

Animation: I find nothing wrong with the animation the characters move just like people and are moving just like ballet performers. I only found the half animal half human people weird, but if they were real they would move and behave just like that in the show.

Sound:  The music fits every scene and gave off the feel that I was watching an actually ballet with dramatic music for dramatic scenes, and different types of music for the different types of scenes to give the viewer an understanding of whats going on and know the characters emotions.

Overall: The story was very entertaining and a bit confusing, but still easy to understand and loved by all the age groups apparently because every time I watched it someone would just walk by and look at what I'm watching and actually liked it. My mother joined me for a few episodes before she went to work and every time I brought home a Princess Tutu DVD my little brother joined me in watching it and loved every moment of it (then again he might have just watched it to see all the lady ballerinas ^_^). 

I recommend this show to anyone who loves a good story and imagines what would happen if fairy tales came to the real world and if you would love to imagine seeing everyone and hear what their thinking from the safety of your giant clock. ^_^ 

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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