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Whole New Levels

29 JAN

Well, this is probably the most crazy I've been in class....or should I saw most horny.....nah I'm going with crazy.

For anyone who reads or has seen what Cosmopolitan Magazine is about, you will completely get this.

Reading about sexual "content" tends to make me very.....happy, and when I'm happy I tend to also be hyper. Hyper and happy mixed together in me is actually a bad combination especially when the people sitting around you was not helping. Every single comment or fact inside January's edition of Cosmopolitan made me picture myself doing it and it showed in my face cause these GUYS sitting AROUND ME saw my facial expressions and just pulled the magazine away from me and started reading it. I'll put it this way, I now the kind of sex that each of those guys want to do or have.....it was very entertaining.

In my next class I had to read an article about addictions.........yeah. Now I know why we become addicted to stuff . Apparently our brain enjoys anything that gives it pleasure and learn to love it. I'm addicted to this porno magazine, actually it's not really a porno since it doesn't show much, but still. It teaches me way too much.....and I still read it.

The good news is that I remember what I read and I learned about a lot of sex positions and pleasure spots for future references. ^_^

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