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An Addiction?

24 MAR

Well... I asked only one person if I'm addicted to learning. He said no. Now I feel like asking "am I addicted to new things?". Meaning: I take reccomendations of any kind and speak the honest truth and opinion I have of it. Usually when I have a new reccomendation (ie: music, a movie, anime, manga, books) I make connections and search for more new things centered around the reccomendation.

Recently, I finished watching "Rosario + Vampire" and I still have my mind wrapped around "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" (probably because I have the butterfly from the ending as my wallpaper on my phone). These two animes have got me into the idea of symbols, revolutions, other worldly things, and unlikely connections... I still feel like I'm a total nerd and I have an addiction to the crazy aspects of things.

Based on this information, I have two questions if anyone wants to answer or leave a comment:

1)Do you think I have an addiction?

2)Am I normal (if there is a definition for it)?

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Marceus avatar Marceus
Mar 24, 2012

1) No.

2) Sounds pretty normal to me.

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