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about me

Just another anime fan here..but not ultimately obsessed..

Well, college life disturbs my leisure time for anime and staying up too late isn't healthy..

im quite a picky one though when it comes to watching anime.

Here it goes~~ :3

I hate Fanservice, and other mature contents when there is no point..

>> "i feel so violated when i happen to watch those things"

Cheesy romance, damsels in distress, typical love stories.. especially of those concerning LGBT 

>>it's not that i hate it..it just doesn't interest me but I did like one thai movie entitled 'Yes or No' because they do make sense"

Anyway, gory and horror genres freaks me out the most..

>> " err, somehow like a trauma  for me"

Maybe we could be friends if you like funny shows, music, slice of life-drama..

Strong points of lead character especially if female..

Loving shows with twist that makes you shit on your pants when the episode ends and left you thinking..

>> "Fudge!!! is he going to die?! or OMG!! who is that mystery person?"

Weirds are interesting, don't ya think?

But too much weirdiness is a different story..

TOP ANIME: K-ON 1 & 2, Spice and Wolf 1 & 2, DN Angel..and many to mention (20+)

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wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Nov 13, 2010

What are your facorite animes?

Happy Birthday!!!

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