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CeZaS93 Dec 5, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

Tyr162000 Nov 20, 2010

your review just didn't seem fair the show does have it's flaw's but a 5.5 of 10 come on and as for (Kippei, while supposed to be flawed, turned out to be a little too perfect) that is so wrong he mess up lots of time's!

i'm nat saying your hole review is wrong there are parts of the show that piss me off but at least a 6.5 show but that is my opin.

btw do you know of any more like it?

Phantomtick99 Oct 1, 2010

I agree with you about the harem, although it is not your typical harem, because he is not like being attacked by girls every 5 seconds. A lot of parts are melodramatic like you said, but the ending still is sad. I thought it was funny how you said you cringed instead of crying because that happened to me a few times. Overall, this is one of my favorite non-comedy, non-action anime.

babyeinstein12 Jan 19, 2010

Hey! Thanks for your review comment. Looking back, I do have to say that I was somewhat harsher than the series actually deserves (I mean, come on, it's Nodame Cantabile). But at the same time, I couldn't help but keep comparing it to the original in the back of my mind, so maybe that's why it was also such a disappointment for me. (I was waiting for the second season to come out with great anticipation). The show had its good points, of course, but it didn't make me feel the same way about the characters, the comedy, and most importantly the music.

The romance between Nodame and Chiaki was to be expected. The main problem with it was that their relationship just didn't have that verve and energy that I was used to seeing. As both of them advanced spectacularly in their careers, they became more boring as characters.

That was the main feeling I got from watching the second season. It's great that you still found it entertaining; I found it to be entertaining in some measure, and for Nodame fans it shouldn't be skipped or anything. But the live action version was beter in my opinion. If you haven't watched that yet, I highly recommend it!

Ryuuk Sep 11, 2009

Aye, you should. I liked it a lot atleast. So, which ones have you overlooked?

Agreed, they do get too silly sometimes, I like sarcasm more than I like the typical 'anime-comedy-humor'. But, I don't think romantic-comedies are that bad, but they rarely get more than 3.5/5, because they do - as you said - tend to get a bit silly sometimes.

Yours sincerely,