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about me


there is not much to tell about me but if you want to know you can always ask. What I can tell is this:

~ I'm from the Netherlands~

~ I'm kind and funny ~

~ I love my friends and family ~

~ I don't like fighting ~

~ I will always be there for my friends and family ~

~ I'm in LOVE with the anime Claymore at the moment ~

thats everything I can think of now.

You can ofcourse always ask me something you want to know.

Also if I have bad grammar I do apologize, I'm still learning and trying the best I can. But don't worry I'm actually better in English than my own language (Dutch) it's kind of sad xD

Bye bye,

cherolientje <3

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wanerness avatar wanerness


Aug 11, 2010

Hey nice profile im also in love with Claymore i watched the anime n had so many unanswered questions like is Irene dead? What happened with the Abysal creatures n what powers do Alicia n Beth have among other things. Thus although im not usually tht big a reader of manga i just had to read the Claymore manga and its amazing. I partly wished they could of ended the anime with the time shift rather than changing the story quite a bit though i think they could do a series 2 if they redid the last 2 eps i think other than those 2 eps they could work with the rest and get the story back on track but i dnt think they have enough material from the manga as yet to do a 2nd series, What do you think?

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