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It's literally taken me months to watch even just this much of the series. It just doesn't grip me. I suppose that could be because it's absolutely full of yaoi-style fan service and I'm not really a fan of yaoi to begin with... but there is more to the anime than that. It would be unfair of me to say otherwise.

The story is okay I guess... nothing new at all really. An androgynous girl breaks a vase and ends up cross-dressing and becoming part of a host club in order to pay for it. This host club is essentially an escort service for girls, with "a type to suit everyone" - in this case the strong silent type, the 'prince charming' type, the child-like 'loli' type, and the twins (lots of implications of incest).

It's a comedy based around the everyday workings of this host club and it can sometimes be funny, but it just didn't fit in with my sense of humour.

Sound and Animation

I hate to rate it badly, because I really think that maybe it's just not my genre. So I'll give it an overall 6.5 since the animation is lovely, the voice-overs are good and it's got some nice character designs.

The opening theme annoyed the heck out of me, but again it's very suitable for the anime and is a good example of its genre. Upbeat and very poppy. If you like the anime you'll probably love this theme.


Honey, the loli 'kid', always causes the girls to go insane with shrieks of "OOOO KAWAIIIIIIII" and general fangirl behaviour, which gets very irritating after a while. It's reminiscent of watching people go absolutely bonkers over a kitten that just tried to meow, or something like that. Not the kind of thing you'd expect to see on a date.

The twins set up situations in which one of them is in trouble - e.g. a bucket of water falling towards him out of a window - so the other can swoop in and heroically rescue him and they can have a 'tender moment' (usually stroking each others' faces and nearly kissing but not quite.) Purely done to get the girls to squee, creepy in my personal opinion.

You have your typical 'prince' character, and then there's Haruhi. Pretty shy, nice person, always wants to please other people. Feels terrible about breaking a vase and allows herself to basically become a temporary boy in order to make up for it. 

If you like this kind of thing it's a really good example of its genre, but I found it hard to stick with - it bored me if I'm going to be completely honest. I'm not really interested in the characters, the relationships between them or the way the story is going (there IS a certain level of story by the way - it's not just some mindless yaoi fest or anything).


I recognise that this is a really weird review: basically, I personally don't like Ouran Host Club at all but that's purely to do with my irrational dislike of a lot of the themes and my impatience towards shows with too much cuteness and not enough plot. If you like reverse harem and romantic comedy, you'll like Ouran. If not, steer clear.


*Chobits (cutesy romance)

*Ah! My Goddess (harem and cutesy romance)

*Fruits Basket (reverse harem)

4.5/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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charvisioku Mar 9, 2013

Yeah I get what you mean - I think it's just because I'm not remotely into anything around that sub-genre (if you can call it that). I have this weird irrational hatred for it xD

Otaku108 Mar 6, 2013

Yaoi is one thing, pretend shounen-ai between twins to get a rise out of anyone watching, not really what I would classify as yaoi but hey, the theme isn't far stretched to be honest. This is just one title we'll disagree on for sure being that Ouran is in my top 50. I really hate yaoi too, and generally stear clear of shounen-ai for similar reasons but this reverse harum had enough wiggle room to be funny instead of creepy for me. I can see the transition thou.