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Dec 12, 2012

I'm going to start this one off by acknowledging the fact that my review isn't based off the full series and therefore isn't as reliable as a lot of the other reviews on this site. If that annoys you, don't follow my advice and take my opinions as ill-founded.


Stupid, clumsy girl (Chise) is made into part-robot weapon... boyfriend (Shuuji) tries to protect. Girl is constantly annoying with what seems to be an attempt at adorable clumsiness. Shoots stuff out of her dress and grows weird robot parts occasionally. Goes boom boom smash and cries.

I couldn't watch it right to the end even though I paid money for it (which I'm certainly not swimming in). It was that bad.

It's like watching Coronation Street (except even Corrie's more interesting), with a robot lady. Rubbish.


Ugly. Quite smooth, but the drawing style just doesn't seem right at all to me. That was a big factor in me being unable to watch it to the end.


Voice-acting isn't particularly distinctive, music incredibly forgettable. It's not awful but it's by no means good either. A little bit below average.


What characters? Oh, you mean Chise and Shuuji?

Chise is a clumsy douche who is constantly fumbling her words and tripping over herself and... well, she's quite embarrassing to watch if I'm honest. Shuuji is unremarkable - just a prop to show that someone cares about Chise and what happens to her at the hands of the government, really.

Secondary characters barely had a real mention. Unless something drastically changes in the few episodes after I dropped it.


She: The Ultimate Weapon (as it was called on the box set I bought (can't believe I spent money on this)) is a sappy, soap opera style drama with lots of blushing and fumbling of words, the occasional bomb and next to no proper character development. Others on AP seem to like it a lot though, so I wouldn't say to avoid it based on this review. Go read other peoples' before you make up your mind on the subject.


The reccs for this one are taken from the anime info page since I honestly couldn't think of anything.

*Elfen Lied

*Voices of a Distant Star

*Now and Then, Here and There (from the synop I'd agree - depressing story about a kid caught up in war... oh and it has a place called "Hellywood" in. Surely that warrants a recc in and of itself, right? ¬.¬)

2/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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balloon Dec 14, 2012


should be 0/10