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Hey!!! The name's Sean and I've been an anime addicts for... No just kidding... well kinda... I started watching anime at the age of 12 when I was up early one morning and Vampire Hunter D came on. At that time I had no idea that this was a movie from japan that had been dubbed and animated. Lets flash past the part where I say that I had a few other run-ins with some of the "less popular anime" (sailor moon, DBZ, and various others) and get straight to the point where I say that I first got hooked on anime. One of my friends sat me down during my second year of college and showed me the OVAs to Tenchi Muyo and BAM!!!! I was hooked! Watched just about everything I could get my hands on after that but, that wasn't much until I left college and started into the work force (broke and the school network wouldn't allow downloading or streaming). Now that I'm able to find sites to get my anime from (or watch from) I've covered a good portion of anime and have a ton more to go. Happy watching everyone!

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ChibiRurouni Nov 16, 2008

Sakura is alright, Fist of the North Star is very very strange, and I have Afro Samurai on DVD for next time you are in town if you don't watch it before then.

keichimizaki Nov 7, 2008

Yo bro what it do?