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Le Chevalier D'Eon


Le Chevalier's story is difficult to review, on merit of it's nonexistence. That being said, what the developers mistook for a plot was indeed terrible. Allow me to lay the formula for every episode in the series: 1. A. Issue presents itself(zombies)/B.sit around speaking of nothing(order may vary) 2. The main character turns into a female posthumous super saiyan(their sister) 3. Episode ends, nothing has been accomplished. 4.Repeat 25 times.

The break in this pattern, is the conclusions ritual, in which once more characters do nothing while the zombified king sits in his very cool bed(which I must note is the coolest element in the series) also talking about nothing. At this point I was nearly bored into a coma, however the revelation that the series had given a mystical explanation for Robespierre's historical relevancy, simply made me turn it off.

In other words, Le Chevashit holds the award for both the worst, and most disappointing series in history, ever.


Mediocre series with mediocre animation.


The most profound thought Le Chevashit generates, is the wonder if it had any characters at all. After all, half of every episode was dedicated solely to the pointless exchange of words between what could have been the same person. What I mean, is that no character had a personality, or any feature that differentiated them, other than the use of psalms(spells) which proved to quickly become boring due to lack of sufficient explanation, or desire to locate an explanation due to the lack of any story.

It got to the point where I was satisfied to see the crude Zombies, or Zombie dogs arrive if it meant a few moments reprive from the cast. Speaking of which, I forgot until now that the only break in the episodes pattern, is the type of zombie which would arrive in a pack each episode. However this does not provide the suspense one might think, as it is usually a different size of zombie, or merely a different animal. The means to defeat these hordes always was by the blade of zombie-sister-spirit, though the cast insisted upon fighting them until the brink of defeat each episode, regardless.

There was a bitch with a skull or some shit too, but seriously, I blocked this shit out of my memory.

The only character with a nice design, revealed himself as a total bore, as dry as the rest of the characters, capable only of casting boring psalms, surprise, surprise.

I mentioned the king was a zombie, right?


What made D'eon very special was it's ability to combine characters to create a collectively useless cast. This exclusive trait, simultaneously granted it the position of a worthless production, factually the worst in recorded history. D'eon ruined a good high, badly. I went from estatic and euphoric(from drugs) to depressed and confused. One minute my friend and I were laughing at how vacant the story was, and the next he sat, zombified, and it was only a matter of minutes before I too became uncomfortable, exhausted, and discontent with my consciousness. Both my friend and I had to recuperate for hours, and advise that one must avoid this series to maintain a healthy existence.

It is in this moment, that I declare the reviews, and general opinions of the following individuals to be false:andistarNajaraja, and ohtoriakio. These individuals, through malicious will to fellow man, or by psychotic break, have endowed this atrocity to sentient life, with a not only passable, but perfect scores.

" I loved this show. If you like french history or Zombies you should watch this. Not bad Animation and the story is well written. "

Disturbing madness. I propose that you in fact are a brain dead zombie, content with the vision of your brethren upon a monitor. The story is one that you can no doubt follow, this due of course to it's nonexistence.

The others I mentioned are either far too cunning, or far too insane for my words to reach, so thus I can only implore you to not wander down the same path as they.

This is the worst production I have ever seen or reviewed.


While this may have been written satirically all comments contained are genuine, watch with caution.

1/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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SANC16 says...

"Code Geass and Death Note are popular, therefore they automatically suck!111!!!1111!!111!" Yeah in this case the biggest pothead isn't the guy who made the review.

Nov 1, 2013
Iro says...

Is rating Death note and geass high suppose to be an actual criticism? Lol, everybody loves those shows.

Anyway I love this humorous review on the anime. Good job!

Jan 10, 2012
Itochan60 says...

I am three episodes in and I saw this review.  You have got to be kidding me. I can understand disliking this anime, but one star.  You are basically implying that this is one of the worst ever made.  And if that is seriously what you believe, you either: A. Haven't watched many shows, B. Are a loony, or C. Don't know how to do a proper review.

Really, not trying to hate, but save the 1's for stuff that is truly shit, and based on the reasons why you disliked this anime, I can easily think of many more that you would have to dip in to the negatives to be able to review them on your scale.

Sep 1, 2011
Melourn says...

Did I forget to mention that you put a gigantic spoiler in your review...maybe I should mention that.

The battles between good and evil in this show are not meaningless. Every battle gives a new clue to what the Psalm of the King really is and what it does. Each clue leads towards the conclusion.

To be honest, the zombie battles aren't what attract me to this anime, they aren't nearly as good as other anime battles I've seen between monsters and humans. The thing I like most about this anime is the suspense. The story keeps you on the edge the whole time. Twists and turns in the plot make for a great storyline.

Unleash your Psalm, fool. I could care less about your drivel- the only reason I actually checked this comment was because I remembered that you had made a gigantic spoiler in your review...and that isn't acceptable to me.

Jul 28, 2011
chaoserver says...

Another who panders to madness, addicted to meaningless zombie battles. One who believes their opinion eclipses mine despite the numerous elaborations upon the faults. Back yet zombified monster, lest I unleash a psalm upon you.

Jul 28, 2011