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Legend of the Galactic Heroes is one of the longest anime I know of, and the longest I have watched in it's entirety. It is a highly rated series and before tackling it I had yet to see a single poor review. Now I understand why. It seems only scifi junkies(such as ones who find themselves intruiged with star wars/Trek just on the merit they are in space) tend to complete the series, and others drop it so immediately it's not worth endowing with a review.


The general story is that two titanic forces are clashing in space while a third neutral party lies in the middle of it all. A basic set up for a fairly basic story which progresses little for the massive 110 episode length. The space battles which absolutely pollute the series are unacceptably poor. I understand it's an old/low budget series, but then why not shorten the battles, especially when the outcome is always so evident? The trend of the series is identifying opponent's of the main character by how stupid and narrow minded their ideals are and waiting for the main character to crush them. Moderately interesting political talk, evident opponent appears, long battle where they narrate how intelligent the main character(s) in the fight are, fight ends with some "impressive" tactical manuever, repeat. That is the series story, one which fancies itself as profound but never realizes it's ambition.


Bad, somewhat improves as the series goes on, however only the space battles are unbearable. The series is old and low budget, and the non-space moments would be passable if not accompanied with such a poor story. Space fights consist of the same looped footage of ugly ships blowing up in space, radars showing how the battle is going as a character narrates.


Nothing special, again though, space fighting hold even this category back a bit.


For a 110 episode series, it fails at creating interesting or believable characters. I must stress, one hundred and ten episodes and even the main characters of the series are weak. Compared to a series like Monster which is also long, it utterly crumbles. Main characters are intelligent, side ones are not and the actions of both are overwhelmingly predictable. The series also introduces COUNTLESS fluff characters, which are named(sometimes with a caption) and generally forgotten about/discarded. They could easily only have the names of slightly relevant characters pop up but they insist on naming every group of people who is introduced. Because of how much of a joke the main character's opponents are there is rarely any tension, and even if there was a threat, it's hard to care as the lead characters are rather dry and even as some of them are killed off throughout the series, it doesn't even warrant a flinch.


After having so much time sunk into this I feel obligated to share this review, and will leave it with this. Had the good elements from the series been extracted and put into a condensed form it may have been a more worthwhile watch. As it is, avoid LOGH unless you fall into the space junkie niche.

1/10 story
2/10 animation
4/10 sound
1/10 characters
1.5/10 overall

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ariaisshit May 10, 2016

to Yorick

so cuz he dont like logh music then he has no taste? is that what you fucking elitists always do when someone beats you in argument? logh fans you pathetic losers

Yorick Mar 18, 2013

I stopped reading after: Sound - Nothing special.

Zero taste in music confirmed.

Your argument id invalid.

Iro Jan 10, 2012

After watching the series. The most god awful thing about this series in my opinion is how they keep harping on about how "brilliant" those two opposing commanders were through those long boring self congratulatory dialogues. In many reviews the fans even commenting on how the battles were "realistic". Despite the tactics and maneuvers they were doing were beyond stupid to anyone with an elementary knowledge of physics. Here's some examples:

1. In one battle both sides idiotically pilot their whole fleet into a hydrogen gas giant's gravity well, this was suppose to be a good tactical maneuvers even though in real life everyone knows it'll just slow all your fleet movements to a crawl. Then they were surprised someone had the "smarts" to ignite the atmosphere with a bomb.

2. In another battle, one brilliant tactic consist of moving one fleet slowly straight THROUGH the enemy fleet then slowly turning around and firing at them from their "flank". The enemy commander of course let this happen without even firing his weapons when they were in range, because somehow he was convinced "it was all a trick"!! And that he must be CAUTIOUS and WAIT to see what happens!? WTF?

3. In battles the commanders often try to "surround" the enemy as if this was some 2D land battle and not a 3D space battle. Obviously the ships in space have never thought of going "up" or "down" to escape. It doesn't help the tactical displays which the commanders use look like 2D chessboards. Or that they don't even stagger their formation to prevent friendly fire.

The "brilliant" tactics used on the show consists of silly stunts like above and not actual tactics that make sense. Like here is a big space station on the show that's suppose to be to undefeatable. But its static and noone has ever thought of accelerating an asteroid or planetoids towards it with a mass driver. If they can accelerate ships to light speed, don't they realise how much damage objects can do if they're traveling at light speed?? They don't use orbits to slingshot ships, they don't use nebulars or hiding behind planets to stage ambushes, they don't use probes to recon, or take advantage of any special effects of their weapons. Instead most battles consist of charging straight at each other in the amorphous blob formation with their standard pew pew lasers.

Its obvious very little thought into was put into the actual battles or that who ever thought of battles was an complete idiot. If you want to see what a real space opera with political elements should look like they should check out the Lost Fleet series of novels by Jack Campbell.

chaoserver Sep 21, 2011

The historical connections are utterly irrelevant to much of the series quality. Being tied to history does not suddenly make filler characters interesting, or make battles acceptable which telegraph the winner before it begins. Alleging my ignorance does nothing to justify the series. No one has ever explained to me why my points are invalid. Everyone immediately becomes butthurt when they see my review and insults the quality of my character of knowledge instead.

Shows how well this anime stands on its own, when even its fans cant do anything but say "no its great and you're XXXXXXX". The reason is because you only like it because it's a "classic", perhaps one you grew up with.

Ymarsakar Sep 21, 2011

Anyone that doesn't even mention the historical effects of LOGH is someone who has no idea of real human history. Thus, they missed out on 80% of the deal. Why is that? Probably because public education no longer teaches ancient history, let alone military history. Not something they can jam into people's heads these days.


This is a clear case of the limitation of the reviewer not being up to the subject matter. While journalists and news are full of opinion, there's a bit of difference between a reporter that knows the subject well and someone whose only knowledge of the subject came from what other people told them.